Ingenieros de mercado

Carlos Lareau

Every company, regardless of industry or sector, relies on three key assets: its people, its intellectual capital and its reputation. These are the three pillars that underpin an organisation. Together with innovative, relevant products and services, persuasive marketing and effective sales, they spell the difference between customer loyalty and market indifference; between top-line growth and profitability - in other words, between success and the struggle to remain afloat.

In today's business environment, enlightened companies in Spain (be they domestic or multinational) strive to gain competitive advantage by nurturing and developing these three assets to the fullest. And to do so, they require the best possible help.

Conduit is built from the real-world experience of its consultants in managing corporate reputation, both in Spain and internationally. Through strategic planning, in-depth market knowledge and professional expertise, we help manage business challenges by applying the tools and techniques of Communications in its broadest sense. Working seamlessly with our clients' internal resources and/or with external service providers, we help companies leverage their competitive differentiation, market relevance and customer esteem.

We call ourselves Market Engineers for a reason. We know that building and sustaining a corporate or brand reputation is a methodical process. It is based on sound strategy, efficient execution, and a permanent and credible web of two-way communications with all stakeholders. There is art in Communications, without a doubt. But art - creativity, flair and originality - is meaningless if not supported by a well-engineered, strategic framework and flawless execution.

Conduit is not a PR agency. Nor is it a publicity shop or creative boutique. Our activity and our own differentiation find their merit in the same principles we advocate to our clients: the best people, the most committed service, and tangible results. Our success depends solely upon our clients' success… and we know it.

If you want a real-world opinion about your communication and reputation challenges in Spain, call us. And because we are different - straight-talking, focused and full of common-sense - we might just surprise you.